Happy New Year Update!!!


Yes it's been a little while since my last post on any of my blogs. Yes it's still my goal to write more this year. Will I be able to write as much as I originally hoped for? Nope, but that's ok. I spend more time with my daughter instead. That is something that I have found is worth every second of every day if I didn't have other things I still had to do sometimes. I'm online still, but mainly on my phone. Which is very hard to type on or do a lot on. It's a tiny screen with a tiny keyboard. Not to mention I usually have my baby on me, or I'm playing with her. I LOVE being a mommy!!! My baby is awesome!!! Even when she is dealing with her tummy issues or anxiety issues, she is a blast and a half! She is still full of smiles, giggles, laughter, and love! I have come to FULLY understand the meaning of unconditional love in my life. I thought I knew what it meant to me. I knew I would die for my husband or my family if needed. I knew that I loved them more than I thought I had space for. But having my own child, a gorgeous little girl; changed everything! She has shown me that I wouldn't just die for her I would live for her. I would do anything for her. I have so much love I don't feel like I'm out of space but that I'm exploding out of every pore with the love I feel for her. I seriously love her more than life itself! 
One thing that I have been doing more of the past little bit is sewing! I can't believe how much I have missed sewing!! I don't have All the  pictures of all the different projects I've worked on lately or made handy. So that will be another post for another day. But here is a list of a few things:
I helped my mom on a special Skull quilt for my uncle. She's the main one who sewed it I just assisted on the quilt when I could. I was honored to help on this special requested quilt!

I made Super Hero Capes and Matching 2 sided masks for the kids for Christmas!

Captain America
Love them all!!!! They turned out so cute and the kids seemed to love them tons!!!

For Brady's birthday I made specialty Zelda Decorative Pillows for him to go with his Collectors Edition Zelda monopoly.

Right now I'm working on sewing a Rag Quilt for Little Miss Maize. (Will post pictures soon!) Then I have a special Comfort quilt that I'm going to be making for a very special little girl! Also will post pictures later.
That is another one of my goals for 2015. I'll be sewing more. Not just my own project either. But Every year from here on out I want to pick projects that I can do throughout the year that are similar that has to do with service and charity. That way it's a constant source of service and charity that I can use to teach our kids about the importance of service and charity and doing things for others. This year the service projects I have chosen are making comfort quilts for Children at Primary Children's Hospital as well as comfort quilts for Chemo Units. Seeing how much the comfort quilt I made my dad for Chemo 2 years ago meant to him, makes me want to put another smile on another person's face. 
(Will post a picture of that quilt as well in next sewing post).
There are a few other sewing projects that I have stuff for and I am excited to work on them in the upcoming few months.

I have been trying to read more and work on writing down my book/story ideas when they come to me so that one day hopefully I can get back to working on becoming an author. All things in due time though. I feel I have other things that are more important right now to be placed on the front burners. Someday though. I know I will have a book out in print. Why? Because I'm determined, it's one of my dreams, and it's on my bucket list! Looking forward to that when the time is right!

I am currently looking into working from home online to start helping with the finances again. I will stay as a stay at home mommy and not be going back to work as of now. But I do want to help out as much as possible. Plus if I make a little extra $$$ on the side I can buy more fabrics to sew more, as well as buy more cute stuff for my itty bitty pretty one!!! Love her!!! So you may be seeing a post about my new working experiences once I get up and going on them!

Well that's all for tonight!!!

Kimberly Out!

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